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Semester 1:

HEAM 543   History of Higher Education
HEAM 570   Introduction to Student Affairs
HEAM 572   Student Development Theory

Semester 2:

HEAM 520   Finance & Budgeting
HEAM 521   Multiculturalism in Higher Education
HEAM 518   Research Methods

Semester 3:

ELPS 595    Organization & Administration
HEAM 517   Assessment & Evaluation
HEAM 542   College Students & the Courts

Semester 4:

ELPS 595    Special Topics/Elective—Leadership & Change [OR]
ELPS 595    Issues in Student Affairs

HEAM 599   Practica
HEAM 658   Conflict Management-Counseling

Revised 7/28/16

Recommended Part-Time Curriculum


Internships/practica are important, valued requirements of the CSP Program. They allow students to learn more about a specific service area and to gain experiences in the field while serving the field. This memorandum is designed to provide basic information about the practicum experience (HEAM 599) and the forms to be completed in relation to the experience.


Practicum Description Approval Form
Practicum Expectations Activities Form
Practicum Student’s Evaluation of Host Site
Practicum Supervisor’s Evaluation

General Information

  1. Students must be accepted into the CSP Program to enroll in HEAM 599.
  2. Students must complete a minimum of 270 hours in 2 to 3 practicums (90 hours = 1 credit hour) of HEAM 599.
  3. Students may not complete a practicum at their current place of employment (full-time position, part-time position, or graduate assistantship) without special permission from the CSP Program Coordinator.


  1. Before beginning the experience, the Practicum Description Form must be completed by the student and proposed supervisor, returned and approved by the CSP Program Coordinator.
  2. The Mid-Term Evaluation requires that the student and supervisor meet to discuss the student’s progress. This form must be returned to the CSP Program Coordinator at the half-way point in the experience.
  3. The Summative Evaluation also requires that the student and supervisor meet to assess the practicum experience. The form must be returned to the Program Coordinator at least two weeks before the end of the semester.
  4. The student is responsible for completing the Intern Evaluation and submitting it with the Final Paper and Time Log to the CSP Program Coordinator at least two weeks before the end of the semester.

Final Paper and Time Log

The requirements for this paper are:

  • A brief introduction (1-2 pages) providing descriptive information of the area, department, office, et. al., in which the practicum was completed.
  • Reflections (3-6 pages) on the work the student did in the practicum and perceptions of what has been learned from the experience.
  • A conclusion (1-2 pages) in which the student analyzes the contributions of this experience to her/his career goals and to their understandings of the field.
  • A time log should be attached to the paper (date, times, activity/ies) showing how the 180 hours were spent.

College Student Personnel Association (CSPA)

What is CSPA?

The College Student Personnel Association, referred to as CSPA, is a student-led organization for the CSP program. The goal of CSPA is to provide opportunities for professional development and socialization within the program. Member benefits include eligibility for travel funds, a professional mentor, exposure to networking opportunities, a CSPA T-shirt, and more. CSPA also produces a regular newsletter for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to keep updated on current events in the program.

CSPA holds regular meetings throughout the year. Additionally, CSPA plans events such as Interview Weekend, the graduate hooding ceremony, and CSP orientation. Examples of past events have also included an etiquette dinner, a homecoming tailgate, a meal with faculty, sessions on job search tips, holiday gatherings, and careers in student affairs month.

Contact us at for more information.