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Graduate Forms, Handbooks, and Resources

ELPS Graduate Handbooks

CSP Practicum Resources

Before beginning your practicum, this form needs to be completed in consultation with your practicum supervisor.

Form Deadlines

  • Practicums Beginning in Fall Semester – September 1
  • Practicums Beginning in Spring Semester – December 1
  • Practicums Beginning in Summer Semester – April 30

Practicum Description Approval Form

Students will complete this form AFTER completing their practicum experience with the host site. This form is confidential and will not be shared with host sites.

Form Deadlines

  • Practicums Ending in Fall Semester – November 30
  • Practicums Ending in Spring Semester – April 30
  • Practicums Ending in Summer Semester – August 30

Practicum Student Evaluation of Host Site Form

Each student is required to complete a minimum total of 270 hours of practicum for graduation. This is typically broken into two experiences; one at 90 hours and the other totaling 180 hours. The student receives academic credit for practicum and a grade of pass/fail. The grade is based upon completion of the required hours, a presentation of their practicum work, completion of work in their practicum seminar, and your evaluation.

Thank you again for providing this opportunity. Because your evaluation is required for the student to receive their grade, please complete this form immediately after completion of the practicum

NOTE: Because this practicum is a learning experience for the student, this evaluation is not confidential. This evaluation must be reviewed with the student prior to submission. The student will have access to this evaluation, and it will become part of their academic file.

Practicum Supervisor’s Evaluation Form

Internships/practicum experiences are important and valued requirements of the CSP Program. They allow students to learn more about a specific service area and to gain experiences in the field while serving the field. Please see the CSP Student Handbook for more information.

Offices fill this form out to advertise practicums/internships.

Practicum/Internship Form

Master’s or Specialist Degree Resources

HEAM PhD Student Resources

ELPS Proposal Defense Form

Thesis/Dissertation Resources

All forms related to theses and dissertations can be found on Forms Central of the Graduate School website, including the following:

In addition to the traditional dissertation, The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies also now offers a 3 Article Dissertation format option for students interested in  enhancing their CVs and publishing their research prior to graduation (click here for more information).