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Leadership Studies Minor

Leadership Studies Minor

The leadership studies minor is a collaboration between the Center for Leadership and Service and the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. Applications for admission are available each fall. Click here to learn more about our mission, vision, practices and what we value.

The leadership studies minor promotes college student leadership education by preparing undergraduate students for and about leadership on campus and in our community, with a goal of preparing students to serve confidently, collaboratively, and ethically in formal and informal leadership roles in campus, local, national, and global contexts. Research continues to show that employers place a high value on collegiate leadership experiences transferring to the workforce.

Three students sitting outside next to each otherParticipants engage in educational activities, both inside and outside the classroom, that explore leadership concepts, theories, and models applied to students’ experiences in individual, group, organizational, and community collegiate settings. The minor highlights the ethical, intercultural, and communication dimensions of leadership. Students develop and hone their knowledge and skills in critical areas including group dynamics, ethics, conflict management, vision casting, values clarification, social justice, communication, mentorship, and more.


The minor offers a 12-hour curriculum of applied leadership education and is open to students of every major. Its cohort approach to leadership education (i.e., knowledge, disposition, and skill development) combines seminar, experiential learning, and lecture formats with mentoring and portfolio-based self-assessment, skill development ,and application to the collegiate setting.

In addition to the 9 hours of core requirements, students complete 3 hours of electives from an approved list. Approved electives taken prior to admission may be accepted toward completion of the minor. In addition to coursework and portfolio requirements for each term, the program includes social, civic, and academic engagement activity requirements.

Students develop a personal leadership philosophy, apply critical thinking skills, and hone their leadership style while identifying areas to apply their leadership skills at UT and beyond.

Whether students continue on to graduate school, enter the workforce, or choose another path, they have the knowledge, perspective, and skills to make a leadership contribution. The leadership minor helps students  strengthen their sense of identity, their commitment to serving others, and their understanding of the value of collaboration and common purpose. Core courses provide opportunities for intentional engagement with faculty and staff to meet increasingly complex sets of learning outcomes across cognitive, personal development, and group/organizational domains. See the curriculum to learn more about requirements.

Applied Leadership Experiences

Leadership minor requirements include 60 clock hours of applied leadership experience. These experiences focus predominantly on four domains:

  • Service and Social Responsibility
    Experiences that expose students to service-learning, community service, volunteerism, social justice, and social responsibility.
  • Multiculturalism
    Experiences that expose students to multicultural and intercultural learning experiences through programs, positions, service, and trainings.
  • Academic Endeavors
    Experiences that expose students to academic leadership experiences inside and outside the classroom, including research and academic leadership positions.
  • Student Leadership
    Experiences that engage students in leadership opportunities, positions, and formal and informal roles across campus and in the community.

Honors Leadership Program

The Honors and Scholars Programs have partnered with the Center for Leadership and Service and the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies to create the Honors Leadership Program. This partnership enables high-achieving students to develop their leadership identity through an interdisciplinary program by enrolling in an exclusive curated leadership curriculum. Honors leadership students are selected as incoming, first-year students through the Honors and Scholars application process. The four year experience includes an Honors Ignite session, a first-year Living and Learning Community, an overnight retreat, and an Honors Leadership capstone project. The Honors Leadership Program is upheld by four core values:

  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Community Engagement
  • Experiential Learning
  • Diversity and Inclusion

To  learn more about the Honors Leadership Program and specific program requirements please click here.

LSM Application Information

The minor accepts sixty new participants annually for an approximate enrollment of 240 students each academic year. However, any student can be eligible to take a many of the leadership studies courses without being accepted into the minor; only the core courses are reserved for students enrolled in the minor.

Applications open in the early fall of each academic year. Students are selected by October 1 and attend an orientation before fall break.

2016 Application Dates

Applications open: August 17

Interest Session 1: September 13, 3-4pm in Hodges 220E

Interest Session 2: September 20, 7-8pm; Student Health Center 206A

Applications close: September 25 at midnight

Orientation: October 4, 5–7pm. Student Health Center 206A/B
Orientation is mandatory for all accepted students. Absence is excused only for class conflicts.

Freshman and sophomore students are highly encouraged to apply. Interested juniors are encouraged to apply only if they have completed or are enrolled in ELPS 350. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the program directors.

Applicants submit a program application, an essay, and permission to access student records. A committee selects students for admission based on the following criteria:

  • Academic potential as demonstrated by GPA or leadership coursework
  • Demonstrated passion for engaging in leadership, social change, or service
  • Leadership (positional or nonpositional) in college
  • Evidence of commitment to developing leadership potential
  • Ability to complete requirements before graduation
  • Unique contributions to the leadership learning cohort

Please click here to learn more about guidelines regarding registration, guidelines and eligibility for the minor BEFORE applying to the program.

Click here to apply for the Leadership Studies Minor!

E-mail for more information.

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