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Leadership Studies Minor – Honors Track

The Honors and Scholars Programs have partnered with the Center for Leadership and Service and the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS) to create the Honors Leadership Program (HLP). HLP students complete ELPS Leadership Studies Minor – Honors coursework and other academic requirements. This partnership enables high-achieving students to develop their leadership identity through an interdisciplinary program by enrolling in an exclusive curated leadership curriculum. Honors leadership students are selected as incoming, first-year students through the Honors and Scholars application process. The four-year experience includes an Honors Ignite session, a first-year Living and Learning Community, an overnight retreat, and an Honors Leadership capstone project. The Honors Leadership Program is upheld by four core values:

  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Community Engagement
  • Experiential Learning
  • Diversity and Inclusion

To learn more about the Honors Leadership Program and specific program requirements please click here.

The Leadership Studies minor Honors Program offers a 13-hour curriculum of applied leadership education.

Students will engage in intentionally structured educational experiences that explore leadership concepts, theories, and models applied to students’ collegiate experiences in individual, group, organizational, and community settings. The minor highlights the ethical, intercultural, and communication dimensions of leadership including group dynamics, ethics, conflict management, vision casting, values clarification, communication, mentorship, and more.

Undergraduate Students pursuing the Leadership Studies minor Honors Program excel as a student AND practitioner of leadership during and after college their collegiate careers. The Leadership Studies minor network of UTK instructors, administrators, student leaders, alumni, and community members coach students through 60+ hours of personalized leadership development and the completion of a Capstone Project of their choosing.

The minor provides ample opportunities for faculty engagement which allow students to meet increasingly complex sets of learning outcomes. Students will graduate from the minor having developed a personal leadership philosophy, a capacity to apply critical thinking skills, and a profound ability to hone their leadership style while identifying areas of application.