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HEAM Curriculum

Program Requirements (72 hours, including 48 hours of coursework and 24 hours of dissertation)

ELPS Foundations (9 hours)
ELPS 695: Seminar in Educational Leadership
HEAM/EDAM 629: Seminar in Policy Issues in Education
HEAM/EDAM 670: Values and Ethics in Educational Leadership 

Research Core (18 hours)
ELPS 615: Research Design
EDPY 577: Statistics in Applied Fields
EDPY 677: Advanced Statistics in Applied Fields
ELPS 618: Advanced Qualitative Research
ELPS 612: Academic Writing
Advanced Methods (Choose one or advisor approved substitute)

ELPS 616: Mixed Methods Research
ELPS 617: Case Study Methods in Educational Research

Higher Education Core (15 hours)
HEAM 605: Advanced Seminar in Administrative Theory
HEAM 619: Administration and Governance of Higher Education
HEAM 650: Fiscal Policy Issues in Higher Education
ELPS 695: Legal Aspects of Higher Education
ELPS 695: Students in Postsecondary Education

Electives (6 hours)
Students must select at a minimum two graduate-level electives, in consultation with their advisor. These courses may be from outside the department.

Dissertation (24 hours)
ELPS 600: Doctoral Research and Dissertation
All students must enroll for 24 semester hours of dissertation to complete the PhD degree. Students may choose to take part in a traditional dissertation format or a three-article dissertation format. Once enrollment in ELPS 600 has begun, the student must remain enrolled each semester.

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