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🎉 Shout Outs – Class of 2020 🎉

The following Shout Outs and words of appreciation were given by the Graduating Leadership Studies Class of 2020 in honor of your support of their leadership development during their time at the University of Tennessee.


Sarah Carter

  • Jennifer Pierce, Assistant Director of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life
  • William Jennings, Political Science Professor
  • Dr. Karen Boyd


Allie Clouse

  • Lisa Gary, Communications Professor​
  • Laura Ketola, Assistant Director of the Jones Center of Leadership and Service​
  • Karen Boyd


Brooks Leftwich

I want to thank my Mom, Beth and my Dad, Mike for their support over the past 5 years. Without my parents in my corner, supporting me on every adventure I’ve went on, I wouldn’t be where I’m at or the person I am today. Thank you Dr. Boyd for offering me a seat at your table and never ceasing to say yes to my ideas throughout the Montgomery 1960 Project. You have been one of my biggest supporters over such a short period of time. I never dreamed of a day like today when I was sitting at my dinner table in Smyrna, TN agreeing to be a part of a research team that wasn’t even completely formed back in 2018. Thank you. And thank you to my friends, who are now my family, that I have met in Delta Tau Delta, the Ambassadors Program, the Chancellor’s Honors Program, the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program, Ignite Serves, and the countless others who I have shared this college experience with. Each one of you have changed my life, and I will be forever grateful for that.


Constanze Mosely

  • Parents Bill and Dominique Moseley. I am so grateful for their tireless and endless support of me and my education. They have taught me what it means to be a selfless leader, to listen, how to make sacrifices for those you care about and to have a boundless capacity of love for others.
  • Dr. Karen Boyd. Dr. Boyd has been a crucial part of my development as a leader. She has enabled me to act and challenged my personal process time and time again. It has been such a joy to be led by her, and to lead up to her as we delved into the complexity of leadership education.
  • Dr. Gary Petree. I am so grateful for his thoughtful reflections in class. For inspiring me to be a better person and challenging me to look at all the different sides of a situation before acting. His dedication to my success has been noted and I am so thankful.
  • Dr. Robert Rider. I am so glad we had the opportunity to learn from someone so well acquainted with level 5 leadership in such a prominent organization. Dr. Rider is an amazing example of what it looks like to lead with a high level of intense professional will and relentless humility. The example he set for our class was so appreciated.
  • Dara Worrell, Senior Associate Athletics Director. Dara has played a large part in learning how to find success as a leader within a culture where you are in the minority. Primarily through the lens of a woman working in athletic administration. She has taught me much in helping me learn to be assertive to get what I need, as well as how to be confident in yourself and the decisions you make on the behalf of others.
  • Coaches Matt Kredich and Ashley Jahn. Matt and Ashley helped demonstrate to me what it looks like to bring a team together under a set of united values and a strong vision. Further than that, they showed me what it looks like to bring that vision to completion.


Kennedy Sanders

  • Kiley Coster, GA, Center for Student Engagement​
  • Marissa Gutierrez, GA, Center for Student Engagement​
  • Jordan Smith-Porter, Assistant DIrector, Center for Student Engagement ​
  • Brooke Squires, Coordinator Jones Center for Leadership and Service


Corinne Schnadelbach

  • Dr. Karen Boyd, Capstone and Help throughout the minor
  • Amanda Gandy, Academic Advisor
  • Anne Hulse, Study Abroad Advisor


Cory Tacosik

  • Terri Williams, Accounting Specialist, Office of New Student Orientation ​
  • Carla White, Administrative Specialist, Office of New Student Orientation ​
  • Brian Francis, Assistant Director, Haslam College of Business ​
  • Dr. Lloyd Rinehart, Associate Professor, Haslam College of Business ​
  • Kennedy Sanders, a True Friend