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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We encourage you to explore. You can register for ELPS 201 any semester without registration restrictions (ex. declaring the minor, being admitted to the minor, or instructor permission).

You can also register for one of the ELPS 350 Coached Leadership Courses, but most require instructor permission before registering because they include a competitive selection process for the accompanying position. However, we do offer courses that do not require instructor permission.  (See the Course Descriptions for more detail)

Apply to the minor after completing ELPS 351 (ELPS 201 and ELPS 350 are prerequisites for this course.) If you make a B or better in ELPS 351 you will may apply to be admitted to the minor. You will complete all the requirements of the application and receive feedback on your application materials during ELPS 351. The Honor Leadership Program can only be applied for with your application to the University.

You can begin your Capstone Project once you have completed ELPS 351, made the required amendments to your proposal, and been admitted to the minor. (More information can be found about the Projects on the Program Requirements Page.)

You can petition for a course to count as an elective if it addresses one of the four key learning outcomes of the Leadership Studies minor: 1) leadership; 2) written or oral communication; 3) ethics; or 4) intercultural competence.  Complete a Utrack Petition and email it to Dr. Karen D. Boyd at kboyd14@utk.edufor consideration.

Students are required to complete a self-generated or faculty-generated Capstone project. If you choose to pursue a faculty-generated capstone project that is part of a 2+ credit hour course, you are not required to take the second ELPS 351 credit hour or the ELPS 452/457 course. You may register for the additional ELPS 351 and 452/457 credit hours if you wish to be assigned a Leadership Coach and receive assistance in navigating the Project Proposal/Report and completing the Portfolio.

Please share with the Program Coordinator, Dr. Boyd if you believe a project course should be added to this list. Currently the following courses are approved as Project Courses:

ELPS 411: Leadership Knoxville Scholars (Graduating Term)