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Margaret W. Sallee, Ph.D.

Margaret Sallee is Assistant Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.  She teaches in both the College Student Personnel Master’s program and the Higher Education Administration Ph.D. program.

Dr. Sallee’s research interests focus on two broad areas: academic work and the student experience.  With academic work, she explores the nature of faculty work and the steps that institutions take to create and sustain diverse faculties.  As part of that work, she also focuses on issues of work-family balance within higher education.  Her work on work-family balance includes a theoretical article that explores how different feminisms might be used to craft parental leave policies as well as a study comparing the experiences of female faculty scientists with and without children.  In 2009, her book Establishing The Family-Friendly Campus: Models for Effective Practice (edited with Jaime Lester) was published by Stylus Publishing. For more information on the book, view the following clip: The volume brings together an array of faculty and practitioners from institutions across the United States to highlight best practices currently being implemented with different populations (faculty, staff, and students) to create more family-friendly campus environments.

With student experience, Dr. Sallee focuses on graduate students who receive less attention in the literature.  Through a qualitative study of primarily male doctoral students in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (a male-dominated discipline) and English (a female-dominated discipline), she examined how socialization both shapes and is shaped by gender and how socialization differs by discipline.  She has extended this work to a second institution to engage in a cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional analysis. 

Dr. Sallee received her Ph.D. in Urban Education with an emphasis in Higher Education from the University of Southern California, her M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from The Ohio State University, and her B.A. in English and French from the University of California-Berkeley.

Dr. Sallee will soon be undertaking a new project to bring her two interests of work/life balance and masculinity together by studying the experiences of academic fathers.

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